Car Battery Replacement Greensborough

The battery is the powerhouse behind your car’s electrical system. It plays a vital role in starting your vehicle and provides energy to power your lights and accessories.

If your battery has failed, your car will not start! In this event, your best option is to call a Roadside Assistance service. While this is an excellent short-term solution to start your car, some Roadside Mechanical companies do not replace your battery; they simply jumpstart your engine.

If this has happened to you, contact our team for a quality battery replacement service.

Car Battery Services at DRC Automotive

At DRC Automotive, we use quality parts to keep your family safe and secure on the road. We can assist with car battery replacement at our Greensborough location.

We stock a full range of Exide batteries.

We replace batteries of all vehicle makes and models.

Car Battery Replacement Greensborough

Car Battery FAQ’s

How long does a car battery last?

Car batteries typically last for three to five years; however, its lifetime is dependent on your vehicle.

What are the signs that there is something wrong with my car battery?

Some signs that your car battery might need replacing include:

  • Problems with electrical components.
  • Warning light on the dashboard indicates a battery problem.
  • Engine regularly slow to start.
  • Lights are dim.
Can I change my battery at home?

It is recommended that you get all mechanical repairs completed on your car by a licensed mechanic. Qualified mechanics have the knowledge and experience to complete your job to the highest standard and ensure your vehicle is safe. The DRC Automotive team will use the right battery for your car and install it correctly.

Are all car batteries the same?

No. There are many car batteries on the market, all suited to different make and model vehicles. You must install the right battery for your unique car- our team will select the correct battery for your car and install it properly.