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Repairing All Makes and Models

Our experienced and knowledgeable mechanics offer a range of mechanical repairs on vehicles of all makes and models. The local Greensborough community has trusted our services for over 16 years, and we are proud to contribute to keeping families safe on the road.

We have invested in specialised diagnostic equipment, including scan tools and software to accurately assess your vehicle’s condition. By utilising modern technology in all our services, we can provide a reliable, quality result, every time.

Quality Repairs, Every Time

We are committed to repairing your vehicle to an excellent standard, every time. We work hard to ensure high customer satisfaction and have built our reputation on exceptional customer service and quality services. The DRC Automotive team can prepare a report of all repairs and provide a loan car when requested.

Quality Mechanical Repairs by DRC Automotive

At DRC Automotive, we undertake all mechanical repairs using quality parts. If you are experiencing mechanical issues with the following, contact our team:


Drive line



Transmission and gearbox

Greensborough Car Repairs

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